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TAVI is a recent innovation in field of cardiology.
TAVI Full form is  Transcutaneous Aortic Valve Implantation !
The aortic valve is placed within a metal stent. The valve is placed across the native aortic annulus and the stent is inflated making the new valve placed at the site of original valve.


But it has specific indications as per guidelines.

Usually used for patients with severe dysfunction of aortic valve with comorbidities making the patient unfit for valve replacement surgery.

Recently FDA has approved TAVR in low and intermediate risk patients too.

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Now you can meet Dr Mayur Jain at Kushal Cardiac Care for this procedure and take his advice.

Aortic valve problems are increasing throughout the world. Under normal circumstances the valve is opened as blood flows from the heart into other organs. However, there are instances that the valve fails to open correctly and blood flow is restricted because the valve becomes stiff. It is referred to as aortic stasis. It is apparent that when this happens there is an increased stress on your heart, as blood flows through a tiny valve. Giddiness, swelling of your ankles, breath issues or chest pain, and blackouts in a few cases, are only a few signs.

In the majority of instances like this an open valve operation for the heart is generally advised. But, this procedure may not be suitable for everyone. Seniors or suffering from various medical conditions are not capable of undergoing open heart valve surgery because it is too risky for them. Transcatheter aortic valve positioning (TAVI) could be the treatment option for these situations.